What Is Pediatric Rehabilitation Centre?

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What Is Pediatric Rehabilitation Centre?

Pediatric rehabilitation could be said as a special therapeutic approach that helps children who suffer from various kinds of diseases such as autism, cerebral palsy, neuromuscular disorders, speech disorders, spinal cord injuries, etc. The best rehabilitation centre in UAE would be undoubtedly a one-stop solution that offers all necessary services for child healthcare.


What do child rehabilitation centres offer?

Children with a variety of disorders are given proper therapy treatments at rehabilitation centres. The major services included in the therapeutic program are:


Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is a renowned therapeutic approach that includes dynamic strategies that address every aspect of children’s speech and language challenges. All parents who are worried about their children’s communication abilities, and their inability to speak, must contact an expert speech-language specialist and rectify the issues.

A diverse set of communication problems and child conditions can benefit from speech therapy such as,

  1. Delayed Speech and Language
  2. Stuttering/Stammering
  3. Apraxia of speech
  4. Clarity issues
  5. Autism Spectrum Disorder
  6. ADHD & ADD
  7. Auditory Processing Disorder
  8. Down Syndrome
  9. Hearing-impaired & Cochlear implanted
  10. Problems with eating and swallowing


Occupational Therapy

The ability to perform daily life activities, something that we consider the most essential ability, is a great challenge for some children. Occupational therapy is professional care that focuses on improving children’s motor skills, enabling them to do daily routines such as brushing, bathing, gripping objects, getting dressed, recognising essential items, following directions, etc. Occupation therapy can make children autonomous and self-reliant so that they can live independently without the constant help of their parents or caretakers.

The range of problems that require occupational therapy services from a rehabilitation centre in Dubai include,

  1. Fine motor difficulties
  2. Gross motor difficulties
  3. Sensory processing disorder
  4. Self-help difficulties
  5. Handwriting difficulties
  6. Developmental delay
  7. Autism
  8. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  9. Preschool/Kindergarten Readiness
  10. Down Syndrome
  11. Decreased hand and arms control due to stroke or CP
  12. Intellectual disability or Learning difficulties


Group Therapy

Group therapy is very much required for children who have poor social skills of interaction, communication, greetings, eye contact, empathy etc. due to some mental and developmental disabilities. Group therapy is an essential part of Social Skills Training (SST) that incorporates various techniques, methods and multiple interventions that improve children’s social skills to have a thriving social life ahead in their future. Play therapy is also best utilized to initiate interactions among children of various ages.

Children undergoing therapeutic treatments may have to undergo one or multiple therapies mentioned before, depending on their individual condition.


How do rehabilitation centres start therapy?

Well, most the reputed institutions follow a set of procedures for all services they provide. Parents who are worried or confused about the development delays or speech delays or any other challenges their children face can request an appointment with a certified practitioner. Once the parents and children arrive at the rehabilitation centre, the therapist will thoroughly assess the child’s sensory processing skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, speech, and language skills, etc., to figure out whether the child faces any issues, if they are, what are the root causes of them.

After finding the cause of the problem, the therapist designs a goal-oriented treatment plan exclusively for each child, customised. Therapists work side by side with children and their families, keeping their specific needs in mind, and modifying the treatment plans whenever required. Separate awareness classes are provided for parents or caretakers about the challenges they face, how to enhance their skills and abilities at home, how to help them cope with a new lifestyle etc.


Benefits of Pediatric Rehabilitation

How can undergo therapies in these centres benefit children in their lives? When talking about the physical benefits they are going to gain, it includes:

  1. Increased physical capabilities
  2. Strengthened muscles
  3. Improved body balance as a whole and different parts
  4. Reduced risk of falls
  5. Improved coordination of body parts
  6. Enhanced flexibility and joint mobility
  7. Ability to perform physical activities and chores at ease

Now coming to the psychological benefits, children gain many things such as:

  1. Enhanced self-confidence
  2. Ability to stay independent
  3. Better state of mental well-being



The best rehabilitation centre in Dubai is all set to receive all kinds of calls and booking requests from worried parents who wish to know and rectify the issues and challenges their children have to face in their day-to-day lives.

Need not worry, rehabilitation centres that offer top-notch speech therapy, occupational therapy and group therapy services are just a call away. Their professional competency, ethical approach and timely intervention can save your child and improve their quality of life.

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