Tips to improve your Child’s Handwriting

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Tips to improve your Child’s Handwriting

Have you been trying hard to make your child’s handwriting legible? Do you find it a tremendous task to understand what your child has written? Need not worry, there are many things that you can try at home that can improve your child’s handwriting or else you could contact the best occupational therapy in UAE.

The very first thing to notice is that writing is not a simple task as it seems. People might think what is so complicated, it is just a pen or pencil on paper? The reality is it is much more than that!

It is in fact multi-tasking, where lots of body parts are involved. To begin with, a person has to think about what to write and the letters would form the shapes, then hand muscles have to start moving from left to right shaping the respective letters one at a time, all through writing eyes follow each word and movement of the hands. In order to accomplish all the aforementioned processes, children must have good fine motor skills. It is what our prime focus should be.


Here are some of the ways through which you can improve your child’s handwriting skills:

 Hand Strengthening Activities

As we have already discussed, handwriting requires accurate fine motor skills which can be developed through certain hand strengthening activities. Some of the best ones include the rubber band activity, where children are asked to push and pull rubber bands that would strengthen their fingers, and the clay activity, where children are given clay or even flour dough where they can roll random shapes with their hand muscles.

 Modify their pencil grasp, seating posture etc.

Yes, good handwriting includes how the pencil or pen is held in hand and how the child is seating. Thus, it is very relevant that one must help children to sit comfortably in the correct posture, that is, sit straight on the floor or on a chair with their bodies straight without leaning or hunching forward.

 Create a happy environment

An encouraging and motivating environment can largely help children in their intellectual, social and psychological growth. Parents must create a happy and comfortable environment within the home and encourage children to try new things. Never discourage them if they commit small errors, instead motivate them to try harder. Provided good space and constant writing practices, children can improve their handwriting skills.

 Ensure Regular Practice

 Just like the old phrase “practice makes a man perfect”, children must be encouraged to invest some time in writing on a daily basis. In the beginning stages, parents can support them and rectify the mistakes so that after some time they develop legible handwriting with proper spacing between letters, words, lines etc.


Between parents and their children, every moment can be made a scenario for teaching-learning. A sandy beach, a dusty vehicle glass etc. can be easily made as a slate for children to write even in their leisure time. Even after doing all these if your child is unable to write in a legible manner, you might need the help of the best occupational therapy in Sharjah.

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